Transforming Organizations

We help deliver organizational excellence across six key dimensions for our clients to more effectively and efficiently accomplish their goals. Organizational Diagnostics baseline the current state and projects in Organizational Design, Organizational Effectiveness and Human Capital help companies build best-in-class organizational structures, systems (e.g., processes, metrics) and talent strategies.

Organizational Diagnostic

Conduct a qualitative and quantitative diagnostic on key organizational dimensions including structure, core processes, governance, and talent to baseline the current state and identify key opportunities for improvement

Organizational Design

Redesign an organization’s structure using a best-in-class proprietary process that combines internal expertise and external insights and case studies to help organizations deliver on their goals and vision for the future

Organizational Effectiveness

Substantially improve an organization’s effectiveness by redesigning and clarifying core processes, identifying key metrics and developing performance management systems, and enabling sound governance

Human Capital

Develop a talent strategy for hiring and training people with the right capabilities and clearly articulate those people’s roles and responsibilities to maximize an organization’s human capital