The Team

John Nantz

Partner and Founder

John Nantz has delivered more than 40 consulting projects focused exclusively on strategy, organization and digital topics while working as a management consultant over the last 8 years. John earned a BA with distinction in Economics and an MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University. John started his career at McKinsey & Company’s San Francisco office and built McKinsey’s first digital organization diagnostic and design tools which are now used worldwide.

Trevor Schauer

Business Analyst

Trevor Schauer is a Business Analyst at Redwood Advisors. Trevor graduated summa cum laude from the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in Finance and Risk Management, where he was heavily involved in campus activities and helped lead the business school’s recruitment efforts. He previously worked in the finance department at Warwick Energy Group, an oil and gas private equity firm.

Mohamed Elmalik

Business Analyst

Mohamed Elmalik is a Business Analyst at Redwood Advisors. Mohamed earned a BA in Economics from Stanford University, where he was elected to serve on the Undergraduate Senate. He joined the firm full time in 2017 after interning at Redwood Advisors in the summer of 2016. Prior to his time at Redwood Advisors, he worked as an analyst for the capital management branch of Qatar National Bank, the largest bank in Qatar.

Our Clients

Redwood Advisors has served numerous marquee institutions
in the private, public, & social sectors including: